Let me start by saying that being a mom is literally the greatest gift I've ever been given and I don't dare take it for granted. With that said, I'm going on my 7th year of being a mom and I just feel so lost and disconnected. Not disconnected as a mother, but disconnected from who I am at the core. I've found myself lost amidst the sea of Pinterest perfect moms and Instagram Influencer moms and I'm over here like, "have I seriously worn this same pair of sweatpants for the third day in a row?"

Since entering the role of a parent, motherhood has naturally consumed my life. For a while, I didn't notice it because there was so much to learn as a new mom and I was experiencing all of the "firsts" of motherhood. I'm still learning and experiencing them but now, as I continue the road into my 30's, I feel like I know who I am as a mom but who the hell am I as just me? Not the me who is constantly trying to make sure my three little ones grow up to be strong, open-minded and loving individuals, not the me who is constantly knee-deep in laundry for a family of five, and not the me who starts singing Disney songs in the car after I already dropped my kids off at my grandma's. I mean, the me who has other passions that rejuvenate my energy, the me who loves going on new adventures to learn something new, and the me that is overall self-valued.


I've come to the decision that this year I'm going to make myself a priority so that I can continue to be the best mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. This is where my blog comes in. Not only will it help add some clarity to my already chaotic thoughts, but maybe somewhere out there, someone may be going through the same feelings and we can help each other along the way. So, if that's you, I happily invite you join me on this road to rediscovering ones' self while still finding a way to manage this messy, but beautiful life as a mom.



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